All Tangihau Angus bulls sold at our annual sale through the Tangihau Angus sale complex, the below conditions are to be accepted and will also be printed in the sale catalogue.


Freight will be paid by the breeder, Tangihau Angus, for bulls transported throughout the North Island and to Feilding for South Island bound bulls, as soon as transport can be arranged.

*Only applies to bulls sold at the annual Angus sale held onsite at Tangihau Angus sale complex.


All Tangihau Angus bulls sold at the annual sale held onsite at the Tangihau Angus sale complex are guaranteed for 3 years from date of purchase for fertility, structural soundness and capability of service. This means if for any reason the bull does not perform due to his own fertility or there is a structural soundness defect (excluding injury, disease or poor management of the purchaser) during the guaranteed period Tangihau Angus will refund on a proportional basis, with 1/3 of sale price being deducted for each year after sale (less the slaughter price realised). In order for Tangihau Angus to process a refund the purchaser making the claim must provide a vet certificate.

*Bulls are inspected for sale by qualified New Zealand Angus Society Inspectors.
**Bulls are semen tested.

  1. Purchaser must notify the breeder, Tangihau Angus, so we can advise on our guarantee procedures.
  2. A Vet Certificate or letter confirming infertility or unsoundness must be sent to breeder upon request.
  3. Breeder shall be notified if disposing of bull, unless for humane reasons.

Tangihau Angus retains the rights to use semen within our herd on all bulls, unless specifically stated otherwise. All collection costs are to the vendors account. Should semen be collected prior to the sale this will be noted in the sale catalogue or otherwise advised prior to sale.

Where Tangihau Angus makes a referral or is otherwise involved in the sale of a bull's semen outside of New Zealand, the purchaser of that bull will pay a 20% commission to Tangihau Angus within 14 days of that sale.