Monday 24th June

Sale begins at 12.00pm
Paddock viewing available from 10.00am

Please note the sale will also be hosted online via Bidr. If you are unable to attend the sale in-person, it is recommended that you pre-register for the sale with Bidr.

We hope to see you all again at the 2024 East Coast bull week

Sale onsite at the Tangihau Angus sale complex located at:
Tangihau Station, 119 Taumata Road, Rere, Gisborne



We aim firstly to breed structurally sound cattle. It’s important for cattle to have a good head and jaw, 4 sound feet and a good constitution. A quiet temperament is also a high priority to the team at Tangihau Angus.

All cows are mated for 2 cycles with all drys being sent to the works. Yearling heifers are also mated. Cows are brought down off the hill country and calved on the flats to allow the calves to be weighed and tagged. Cows and calves are returned to hills within 5 days as Tangihau has limited flat land.