Breeding objectives

We aim firstly to breed structurally sound cattle. It’s important for cattle to have a good head and jaw, 4 sound feet and a good constitution. A quiet temperament is also a high priority to the team at Tangihau Angus.

All cows are mated for 2 cycles, including Yearling heifers and any drys are culled from the herd. Cows are brought down off the hill country and calved on the flats to allow the calves to be weighed and tagged. Cows and calves are returned to hills within 5 days as Tangihau has limited flat land.

Tangihau needs positive fats to accumulate (cattle when fed in excessive amounts will bank the feed) which stock can utilise in tougher times such as a drought or severe winters. The bulls are bred on the hills and need to cover a large commercial breeding herd, producing females with the ability to rear a calf and get back in calf under the challenging climatic conditions.

Genetic objectives

The stations objective has always been to breed bulls principally for use on the station. All our cattle are DNA tested for parentage and are clear of all known genetic defects. The stud's management travel annually to source and purchase the best genetics nationwide to ensure the continual high performance of our breeding program.


Tangihau Angus supplies its own commercial herd with surplus bulls being sold at the annual combined Angus sale held onsite at Tangihau Angus sale yards. Progeny are sold to both stud and commercial operations.